Importance of Computer (Advantage and Misuse of Computer Technology)

Last updated on March 19th, 2020 at 06:58 pm

The electronic device computer is of the most creative invention by human. Computer plays a vital role in our daily life. Usages of computer is increasing every day, we all are heavily dependent on computers for everything from our personal work to official work. Computer dominates in almost every filed.

The main characteristics of computer are speed, accuracy, reliability, Versatility, durability, Diligence & storage capacity. There are number of advantage of using computer, we can scale our work, increase productivity, useful in learning education for kids and many other benefits. However at the same time there are people who misuse computer technology, I will this in the latter section of content.

Let us look at how computer is helpful for us in many ways? Following are the points about computer importance and its use in different fields.

Advantage of Using Computer

  • Use of computer in education takes learning to next level.
  • Computer in Business
  • Importance of Computer in School.
  • Computer Application in Various Areas of Business such as banking, railways, airlines, stock markets, MNC’s, print media, medical science, metro-logical department and many more.
  • Computer with the power of internet helps us to connect globally, Due to the digitization the whole world is become the global village today.

Misuses of Computer Technology

Computer technology can be misused for cyber-crime such as financial frauds; hackers can uses credit card details and other personal information, attack on useful data, sending bulgur messages and threat mails and promote anti-social and anti-national elements.

There are websites having adult stuff that distracted mind of students from their education that is definitely not good for our children and the society.

Computer is a great gift for humankind after a long and constants efforts of ours scientists. Use it wisely take full advantage of it rather than misusing.